Strawllers Giveaway ... WINNER!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and told their friends about our recent giveaway! I love hosting giveaways, it's just fun! I love reviewing new products, sharing them with you (for free!) and of course, getting all sorts of comments from YOU!

So, thank you again for such a fun time! :D

..... now .... on to the winner! .....

By using --- Congratulations go to Penny Ash! Comment #2!!!

Please email me at to claim your very own set of Strawllers!


penny ash said...

im soooo excited i won... i never win:) thank you so much

Curly Hairdo Ideas said...

You're welcome! :D That's how I felt when I won my first ever giveaway, too! :D then I started figuring out, the more I entered, the more I won! May this just be the beginning!! :)

Email me!

Andrea said...


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