Jell E Bean Designs - Review!

I just LOVE going to the mailbox when I know fun stuff is coming! :D Q and I were so excited we ripped open the package right there in the post office! In retrospect, I wished I had waited til I had the video camera out so that I could show you all Q's reaction to her new hair clip from

It's a ghost! How cute is that?! Q's favorite part is the googly eyes. (hard to see in this picture, but they're there! right under the bow that the "ghost" is wearing in her "hair".)

So, how did we like it? I am going to examine our experienced based on a few different categories:

1. Customer Service: Samantha was very fun to work with. She makes customs, too! Delivery was fast, and she told me the day she was shipping it, so I knew when to watch for it!
2. Quality of product: Very secure and sturdy. Even with a rough-and-tumble toddler, I'm not worried about this bow coming apart. She has somehow sealed the ends of the ribbon, too, so fraying will not be an issue here!
3. Child appeal: Q love it! Especially the googly eyes :) Oh, wait, did I mention that already?!

4. Performance in hair: Awesome!  Her "non slip grip" works wonders. I will say that because the bow is made on a two prong clip and ribbon covers the lower "jaw" (if you will) that I have a hard time getting it right where I want it in a style (ribbon doesn't slide too easily through hair) - but once it's in, it doesn't move! This clip also doesn't require a lot of hair in order to stay in place - so they would work VERY well on young babies or kids with not much hair yet.
If you are like me and find that double prong fully lined bows are harder to work with - did I mention she does CUSTOMS?! Love that!  
5. Price:  Samantha's products are so "reasonably" priced it borders on unfair! (to her!) :) I'm especially a fan of her ribbon sculptures, and they are unbelievably cheap. In some cases, I think it's just as easy to make your own bows as to buy them, but that is NOT the case with these! She offers designs I wouldn't even think of - let alone figure out how to make!!

Yep - Q decided she wanted to put it in my hair as well. :) As you can see, you don't need to preface these clips with a ponytail holder - they hold themselves wherever you put them!

Q took the picture, too. :)

6. Overall impression:  Unique and easy on the pocketbook! This is a bow that Q will have forever because it won't ever fall apart!

Thank you SO MUCH to Samantha from Jell E Bean Designs for sharing her work with us! :D  She also makes tutus and children's clothing! Make sure to check it out!

(Stay tuned for her generous GIVEAWAY coming up!)


Olivia said...

THat is too cute! Love it!

Mel Cole said...

I'm a follower!
Mel Cole

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