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Welcome back to the series where YOU are the star! I absolutely love sharing stories and pictures of what everyone else is doing!

More than just loving it myself, though, I think it's also important! The styles I do on Q's hair and the thoughts I have about hair in our society and how hair affects our self-image and therefore our LIVES, is still only just me! The more YOU share as well, the more we will all learn from each other.  So feel free to send in your opinions and photos! (curlyhairdoideas@yahoo.com)

Today's Feature is from Rosie! Thank you so much for the fun facebook conversation! :)

"This is Hannah's hair on her 1st day of school! I had only just learned to french pleat. For picture day I would add some hair coils in to the tops of the pleats ...

"This is a picture of my daughters hairbands of choice and a selection of her hair coils the good thing is they suit any age and can add a nice sparkle to a hair do ...  (you may have heard me call them spin pins)

Here is Hannah's latest style: I wanted something quick but didn't want leave her hair down so we came up with this ...

Totally adorable! Congrats on learning to french braid! That isn't the easiest thing to learn! But it's totally worth it, as you're finding out already. Thank you so much for sharing your daughter and your photos with us!

(Stay tuned for a special hairdo created with Hannah in mind! One that will work with hair that has many different lengths  - one that stays put!)

If you would like to share your pictures and stories, feel free to email me at curlyhairdoideas@yahoo.com or visit the tab entitled Be Featured!


Umeda said...

Cute!!! I really like her latest style, the third image. Good job, mamas.

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