I had no idea! - But now let's celebrate it!

I have to share a little background here first... I'm not very computer savvy. I really don't know very much about computers or how they work. And even less about how the internet works!

The first time I used the internet was at a class in middle school. They called it the "information superhighway" - so I literally thought I would see a map-type thing on the screen, showing me where to go and what stops were to the left and right! LOL!!

Fast forward to now... the only way I'm probably even capable of having a blog is because blogger makes it so easy it's just like typing a document. :) You don't have to really know anything about the internet... (see why I'm having .com troubles! lol)

ANYWAY ...  I just figured out that there's a map-thing (the technical term of course) that shows where people have visited my site from - I've seen it many times, but always thought it was just highlighting the US. But just now I actually looked at it - and - we've had viewers from 81 different countries around the globe!  How cool is that?!?! I'm so honored!!

So! To celebrate that I would like to put together some hairstyles and photos and maybe even some "how-to" pics from different countries, traditions, heritages, etc!! If you have a traditional style that you'd like to share - Or a style that's popular in your area now - Please show us!!  Send info and pictures to curlyhairdoideas@yahoo.com!!

And VOTE on the poll! :D Thanks!!


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