I just LOVE recieving your comments! and I love commenting back after you :)  However since I was gone for a couple weeks there were a few comments that didn't get replied to promptly - so I thought I'd reply here!! (I replied after the comments now, too, but I wasn't sure if they'd be checked again.)

In no particular order... :)

*~* Yep! We used bumGenius diapers when Q was little. I found them to be just as easy as disposables to get on her and they seemed so comfy for her!  The biggest difference between an All-in-one diaper and a disposable diaper is that you throw the cloth one in the laundry and the sposie in the garbage! :)

There are may many different styles of cloth diapers and diapering systems. and there are any gadgets out there to make your cloth diaper experience as easy as possible!  Some systems are more "involved" (ex. flats and covers) and some are more "daycare and daddy friendly" (generally the all-in-one systems) and then there's lots of middle of the road ones that may seem daunting at first but really aren't bad at all! (ex. pocket diapers)

*~* (To Mo Chuisle) - our daughters must be very close in age! Q turns two at the end of July as well!

*~* I was reminded that Native Americans also use Box Braids in their heritage as well! I wonder how many other cultures have braids of some kind in their history??

*~* Yep! Q's daddy has curly hair (sometimes!) - but his mom has even more! So we say Q got her curls from Grandma. My hubby's hair is kinda funny :) We're still figuring it out - sometimes it curls and sometimes it doesn't!

*~*  Hi Chloe! I'm so glad you stopped by! I hope you enjoy the blog. :) and find it useful, too!

*~* Annonomous - I'd love to see pics of your daughter's hair! I've never seen another head of hair like Q's! lol (at least in real life!) I hope you enjoy the blog, too!!

Thanks for all the comment-love everyone! :D

Stay tuned for another giveaway soon! 


Anonymous said...

After commenting I did a bunch of research and decided on the GroVia cloth diapers. I'm so excited for them to get here next week. Seemed the best and one of the only ones the hubs would be willing to change.:) My daughter turns two July 17th.

I do have another question for you... lol... For her birthday I want a half up and half down hairstyle. I want to show off her hair length and curls but don't just want to leave it all down. Any ideas?

Dreamer13 said...

Those diapers look great! I hadn't ever heard of them before. I love that they're organic, too! Another dipe that I wanted to try (that I, of course, only found after buying my dipes) was the softbums diaper. It has really interesting leg elastic! But I'm not sure if you can get it in organics or not??

oooooh Birthday Hair!! Let me see what I can come up with! Is she a girly-girl or a tomboy? When's her big day again? Do you like the sides pulled up as well or just the top?

Anonymous said...

We're celebrating on her actual bday so the 17th. And that's a good question... umm she plays like a boy but likes to(as she says)'be pretty'. So a girly do that wouldn't fall apart would be great! I agree I like the softbum how they are around the legs. I was looking for a hybrid type of diaper grovia was one of the few.

Dreamer13 said...

Oh yeah, hybrids are harder to find for sure! I hope your hubby likes them! :)

OK! I'm brainstorming already :D :D I'll see if I can come up with something and hopefully you'll like it! It'll be in it's own post ...

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait! My mind has been overwhelmed with setting up her bday and planning a cross country trip from NC to Cali next month. I appreciate you thinking up her bday hair do for me!! Thanks a million!

Dreamer13 said...

oh fun!! :) Both the birthday and the trip!!

I did a style this morning, but I'm not happy with it. At least not for this purpose. So I have another idea I'm going to try tomorrow!! Cross your fingers :)

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