Giveaways are in the Air!

for short and curly hair! ... Ha! Just kidding - they're for ANYONE! (But I sure can rhyme! LOL)

Anyway ~  I'm sooooooo excited!!! We are getting some SUPER cool giveaways lined up!!  Tonight, my sister, Q and I are all going to be trying out the famous Strawllers Hair Curlers! - Review and Giveaway to follow!

But before we get to that giveaway, you have graciously answered my questions of "What would you like to win?" with an almost unanimous "Hair Accessories!"  SO..... that's what I want to give you!!

In the coming days we will be reviewing a beautiful bow and hosting a giveaway by Jell E Bean Designs!!! WOOOOOO!!! This store is owned and operated by a super sweet lady! Head on over to Jell E Bean Designs and get a sneak peak at what you might want to WIN!!

We are also lucky enough to have been selected to be involved in the Grand Opening of a Brand New store - I don't have much info yet - but I can already tell it's going to be something worth being here for!

In Addition to ALL THAT -  and probably even sooner (only 2 followers left to reach the quota!) - we will be hosting a giveaway from Lovely LuLu Hair Bows!!! Stay tuned for this chance to win a $5 Gift Certificate to her store!

Isn't this just CUTE?!?

Aren't you EXCITED?!?!  I'm so thrilled I'm wearing out the exclamation point button on my keyboard!!!!!!! hehehehe!!

Hurry back!! :)


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