The Day Q was Born :)

Flashback #1

All red and alien-ish... What's not to LOVE?!

See the DARK hair?? :) awww! We thought she had so much!  LOL

Here you can see her hair better! and her "widow's peak."  Plus one Tired Mommy!  Q was born at home with a midwife, so we were lounging on our couch at this moment in time. :)


jellybelly said...

Is she the curly haired lil girl now? I love your hair ideas. My baby also has curly hair.

Dreamer13 said...

Thanks! Yep - this is the same lil curly girl :) She didn't get curls for quite awhile, tho, so I was quite surprised! now I'm just hoping she doesn't "outgrow" them. :) We'll love her hair either way, but curls are just so much fun!!

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