I'm so excited!! We are planning - and executing - some changes around here!

1. As you may have noticed, the header picture changed... and will be changing again :)

2.  Once I decide on the header - I'm going to change the background to match - or at least look cohesive again. (and I'm insanely in love with the color purple, so there will probably be more of that, too!)

3. We got a .com domain name!!! So now you can find us like normal... OR by going to www.curlyhairdoideas.com !! Wooo hooo! 
Remember - that's www.Curly Hairdo Ideas.com

(I was hoping that would be easier to type that curlyqshairdos - cuz who really uses the letter Q when typing?! ...however, now that I see it - IDK. Maybe it's just as confusing. lol! oh well!)

4. Because of the new domain name (though you can still find us using the blogspot name) - I think we'll be updating the email and facebook accounts as well. Don't worry, I'll keep you informed as we go along! :)

Also - keep in mind that when we reach 75 followers we're going to do another GIVEAWAY! Comment and let me know what you'd like to win!

We hope you're enjoying our blog - and maybe learning somethings too! and like always, we LOVE hearing from you!


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