What I Wouldn't Try ... yet...

Q's hair loves to frizz. It loves to get matted. It actually often takes on a life of its own! I used to joke that it really was just begging to be dreaded! :) But I haven't/won't do that to it. Not until it's Q's decision. I LOVE the look of dreadlocks, but I think that's probably a decision best left up to Q. :) 

Go here to see other pictures of DreadHeads! :) (If it comes up right away like it did for me, there's a picture of a CUTE lil 5 year old boy with AWESOME dreads...)

However, I must say it's something I would love to learn more about! 

Anybody here been brave enough to try them on their own head? What were your experiences??

(p.s. Q's been sporting the frizzy pigtails often these days as I'm back to work and we don't have an efficient morning routine worked out yet!)


The Rye House said...

hey momma...found your blog on ds! i have started dreads for several people and have had them myself. to have "pretty" dreads requires alot of work...they are surely a time commitment. they also are fairly painful to put in...lots of tugging on the scalp while backcombing!! but other than that, i just love them and think they are so cute on kids! -krye1011

Dreamer13 said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment! I totally agree with the cuteness factor!! I will probably have to try them someday - I just can't seem to get them out of my mind! I'll try them on myself first, and then see what Q thinks :)

Dreamer13 said...

oh wow - I just stopped by your photography website - WOW! Beautiful photos! Beautiful people!!

for anyone wondering - www.smithgalleryphotography.com

The Rye House said...

oh thats a friends site! shes done many photos for us and is very talented!! i can only wish to be as talented as her!!

dreads are a ton of fun...i only had mine for a week because i have extremely fine AND thin hair....it just looked awful...tons of bald patches basically and i didnt see it getting any better as they matured. both knotty boy and dreadhead products are great...but i would highly recommend dreadhead stuff for starting them!

Dreamer13 said...

Thanks for the tips! (and clarification - still, fabulous photos!!) I wonder what mine would look like dreaded?? I'm told I have lots of hair, but if I braid it in "box braids" I definitely get that bald patch look - lol It would definitely be interesting!

Dreamer13 said...

Did having them in for just one week damage your hair then? Was it hard to go back to how you had it before?

The Rye House said...

No It wasnt. I lost alot of hair in the comb out process but I think that was because of the nature of dreads. Dreads get thicker because your hair doesnt fall out, it just stays trapped in the dread. So because my hair falls out all.the.time. I had a ton come out after just a week of having them in! There's a 2-4 week window that you can comb out dreads without having to cut them. So if you dont like it, then your good! Just use lots and lots of conditioner and comb away!

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