Yikes! Photobucket!

Sorry about the massive Photobucket problem concerning pictures! I'm so sorry!

sigh. I think it will fix itself on the 20th - can we bear it for 4 days?? oof. I don't even know what bandwidth is! and I did try googling it - didn't clear up matters much.  But it sounds like if I want it fixed before the 20th, I have to pay to upgrade my photobucket account. Unfortunately I can't really afford to do that right now! sorry for the inconvenience!


Dreamweaver braids said...

Try right-mouse clicking on your old pics, save as (whichever folder on your computer you want to use) then once they are stored on your computer, you can delete them from photobucket, which would give you more space to add new photos. Hope this helps!

Dreamer13 said...

oh thanks!!

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